Water Filter Systems & Water Filtration

Pump n Connections offer water filtration and water filter systems for any application. From filtering drinking water to dam, bore or grey water filtration we have the products and experience for the job. We can install and repair whole house water filter systems to ensure your family have a clean, safe and reliable water source.

Water Filter System & Water Filtering Services

Why are water filter systems so important?

What is more important than clean water? NOTHING! Water can carry bacteria, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, and dirt and impurities. In Australia water quality is so often overlooked. 26% of Australian homes rely on tank water for drinking. That means one in every four Australian families are at risk of water borne diseases. Protecting your family from bacteria and parasites can be very simple and cost effective.

Water testing & whole house water filters

Are you living in town using mains water? Don’t think you’re not at risk. During times of drought water storage become sparse and water quality reduces. Algal blooms are common during these periods and chemical additives are increased to neutralise bacteria, algae and parasites.

That means that we are literally drinking chemicals similar to those we clean our floor and bathroom with. In line filtration can remove many of these nasty additives so you get clean, fresh and healthy water for your family. 

Pump n Connections offer a large variety of filtration units for any application, including whole house water filters. Call today for a free quote on 0402 564 399.

Water Filter Systems - Is your water safe?