Pool Maintenance – Pool Heat Pumps & Pool Pump Parts

Pump n Connections offers comprehensive pool service options to the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland regions. One off, fortnightly or monthly options tailored to your needs and budget. We can also help with pool heat pumps, general pool maintenance and pool pump repairs.

Pool Service & Pool Maintenance Options

How long do you spend on pool maintenance per year?

Household pools can take an average of 100 hours to maintain every year! That’s two hours per week or half an hour per day!

Wouldn’t you rather be relaxing in your pool instead of cleaning it?  Let Pump n Connections take the stress out of pool maintenance so you can just open the gate and jump in whenever you like!

From plunge pools to Olympic pools, the staff at Pump N Connections have the knowledge and experience to keep your pool operation clean and safe. Don’t risk damaging your equipment or your family’s health from swimming in contaminated water.

Pool Maintenance, Pool Service and Pool Heat Pumps - Keep your pool clean and healthy!